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Machu Picchu package and information

Machu Picchu is one of the most popular Inca sites for visitors to Peru. You can arrange your trip independently or through a tour agency (often requiring that you start out in the city of Cusco).

To make things simple, La Capilla Lodge offers a special service to arrange your trip to Machu Picchu starting and ending in Urubamba – in the centre of the Sacred Valley. Doing Machu Picchu this way means you avoid hefty mark-ups and the tourist traps of Aguas Calientes, whilst enjoying all that the Sacred Valley has to offer. We charge a small service fee of 12% to cover international payment charges, administration time and expenses.

Get in touch to discuss your specific needs or click here to request your Machu Picchu train and entrance package now.

Machu Picchu package overview

Duration: 1 – 2 days (option to stay overnight in Aguas Calientes)

Tickets: 2 – 3 (train, optional bus, entrance)

Price guide (depending on ticket selection):

  • Standard adult entry to Machu Picchu: $40
  • Adult entry + Huayna Picchu: $50
  • Adult entry + Montaña: $45

Train: $70-$120+ (Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes)

Bus: $24 (optional)

Guided tour: $50 (optional)

Hotel: $30-$600 (for 2-day option, with night in Aguas Calientes)

Please note: You may also want a taxi to and from the train station at Ollantaytambo.

Train ticket – Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes

You can purchase these online from Peru Rail (www.perurail.com) or Inka Rail (www.incarail.com). The price will depend on:

– Choice of train company

– Seating class

– Arrival & departure time

Tickets are available at Cusco and Ollantaytambo stations (20 minutes drive from La Capilla Lodge), however, it is best to book in advance to ensure you get the train you want, which is where our service can help!

Bus ticket (optional extra) - Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu entrance is a 30 minute bus ride up the mountain from Aguas Calientes, daily departures are from 5.30am. Tickets are purchased from the bus departure point at Aguas Calientes or in advance from Cusco. We can arrange these as part of your package. You can also hike up to Macchu Pichu in approximately 1.5 hours. If you have a Machu Picchu ticket that includes the early “Huayna Picchu” or “Montaña” climbs, then we recommend getting to Aguas Calientes early, so you don´t miss your time slot.

Machu Picchu entry ticket

The government limited the number of visitors to Machu Picchu to just 2500 people per day. At times visitors without tickets can be turned away. Once inside the Machu Picchu grounds, there are options also to climb either Montana (Machu Picchu Mountain) or the famous, and more challenging, Huayna Picchu mountain. Each mountain requires a different ticket and has a different price. Huayna Picchu has a heavier restriction on the number of people permitted per day (400 in total) and as such usually requires booking up to six months in advance. Montana is possible to reserve closer to the time (800 people permitted per day).

Here are the tickets you can choose from:

  • Machu Picchu site entrance – any time, 6am-2pm
  • Machu Picchu site entrance + Huayna Picchu – 7am-8am / 10am-11am
  • Machu Picchu entrance + ´Montaña´ (Machu Picchu Mountain) – 7-8am / 9-10am
Machu Picchu package

To avoid disappointment we recommend organising your Machu Picchu tickets at least 30 days before, and up to six months before if you want to hike Huayna Picchu.

Good to know: Purchasing your tickets from abroad via the official website (www.machupicchu.gob.pe) can be time consuming, confusing and sometimes impossible as it often requires a trip to the local Peruvian bank in order to make the payment! And going through a large tour agency often comes with unnecessary additional costs.

This is where we can help. We can buy tickets for you and give to you upon arrival at La Capilla, hassle free, for a small service fee of 12%.

Complete the reservation form to request your package now. We will respond within 2-5 days with a confirmation invoice. We require full payment in advance, prior to purchasing the tickets.

IMPORTANT: Should you decide to cancel after submitting your payment; with regret we are unable to offer a refund on the entrance tickets or train. If it is within four weeks of your arrival date, any additions or amendments that we are able to make for you can be settled with you hotel bill.